Mautic Mulit-Tenancy

Hi. I read your solution to the Mautic Multi-Tenancy situation here:How To Implement Multi-tenancy In Mautic

Just wondering if this still works at the current version of Mautic, and going forward in to V5 as well?

I’m simply looking to save on server resources and host my own few websites that I’d like to use one Mautic install for, yet each site have their own separate data (contacts, databases, campaigns, etc.) … effectively logging in to each Mautic instance separately, and not seeing the data from the other sites, and thus not having any tracking code issues when emails are sent from the respective sites.

Is this the outcome of this solution you posted?

Thank you!

Hello dear Warren1!,

Thank you for your patience. We want to inform you that this solution hasn’t been reviewed recently and will take some time to ensure it is up to date.