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Header and footer changed on printing or conversion to PDF

we have a word template with filable fields in the document (variables in header, footer and in the page)
We are using library com.aspose.words.Document : we replace these fields by values with function document.getRange().replace.
The word generated seems correct but as soon as we try to print or save this docx into pdf, then header and footer are changed : back to filable fields instead of values set.
That’s very strange, as all the body is kept with values. This issue is only hapenning on headers & footers.
Did you already experienced this issue ? Any idea how to solve it ?

In addition, for information, we’re coding in JAVA. Thanks

I could share with you the docx generated. So you can see headers and footers seem ok but as soon as we print or save as PDF, they disapear for filable fields.

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