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Aspose PDF : Determine page dimensions while converting pdf to html

How does one get the page dimensions in the output html generated from a PDF source ?
I tried looking for a property in HtmlSaveOptions but couldnot find anything that helps…
Also, does HtmlLoadOptions help here ? From what I understand they are to be set while converting html to pdf and not the use-case mentioned here.

We are using version 19.12 of aspose-pdf.

Code block used for conversion :

public void convertPdfToHtml(String pdfFile, String outputDir) {

     Document doc = new Document(pdfFile);
    // Instantiate HtmlSaveOptions instance
    HtmlSaveOptions html = new HtmlSaveOptions();

    // Specify the folder to save images during conversion process

    // Save the resultant HTML file + "/" + ".html", html);


The resultant HTML files do not have any property which determine the page dimensions of the output html.
Is there a way to get the page dimensions of the html page?

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