Aspose java insertdocument styling issues

Hi, i have a problem with keeping style when inserting a temporary doc into a bookmark

I made a test case for you:
I take the content of a bookmark(source), create a temporary doc. At this point, the style is not correct in the temporary document.
When reinserting into the destination bookmark, i lose the style!
Here in my scenario in source file the document style is Arial 8 but when i tried to replace document data in source it is taking arial 10 as styling and this causing issue.

Since i am unable to upload word documents from my office laptop i am sending files as a pdf format.

source.docx : Source file that contains my bookmarks(The bookmarks which are there in the footer is causing issues. ex : {{termsheet.Disclaimer1_Indicative.docx#!IsFinal}})
source.pdf (9.3 KB)

result.docx : Result that i get after the process
result_document.pdf (46.2 KB)

wanted.docx: This is my desired result!
expected_doc.pdf (43.2 KB)

temp.docx: Content of the temporary generated doc file
disclaimer.pdf (2.6 KB)
InsertDocument Logic :
InsertDocument_code.pdf (19.2 KB)

Thank you!

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